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‘The Legend of Korra’ Finale Literally Made Fan Dreams Come True




(Excerpt)I’ve been covering the Legend of Korra since its premiere in June 2012 on a podcast called Republic City Dispatch which gave me the privilege of monitoring the show and its fandom while recapping each episode and – let me tell you, Korra-curious – last night’s finale literally parallelled fans’ dreams.

The fourth season started a mere month after the third ended and although fans were elated for the   fourth and final installment, Korra had been hobbled in the ratings game beyond repair. The last few episodes have been released on and later aired on television, but the web became the place to be a Korra fan (as a recent poll revealed, it’s the most blogged and re-blogged animated show on Tumblr), so it was last night that I was trolling through the fandom seeing if Nickelodeon managed to keep the wraps on its series finale after two seasons of digital madness. That’s when I found this post:

 Last night’s finale delivered tons of superbly animated action (thanks to animators at Studio Mir) that brought our favorite character pairings together in a battle for everything that’s good in their modern metropolis. Then, in what for this young lady must have been a mind blowing moment: Avatar Korra takes her female companion’s hand as they step into the Spirit World and out of the series.

2014. 12.19 / Forbes / By David Gonzales>