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This Summer Korean Box Office Welcomes Animation Feature



This Summer, Korean Box Office looks to Animated Features Line-up

Three visually and musically stunning animated features will be in theaters this Summer. These movies will freshen the box office from focusing too much on the heavy/serious genres to more relaxing family movies.







12 years of production, unbelievable US$34.2 million opening weekend


Directed by Liang Xuan and Zhang Chun, Big Fish & Begonia, an epic Chinese fantasy animation is slated to come to Korean box office on June 15. 

Taking inspiration from classic Chinese tales, the film follows a teenage girl on a journey through a strangely altered world, where the Earth and sea blend more fluidly than in our reality. In the form of a dolphin, she sets out to find the human who saved her and repay the favor. It garnered over 3.6 million audience