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The 15 absolute best animated series on netflix in 2018



Netflix announced it would spend $8 billion on creating enough exclusive content to make its library 50 percent original in 2018. The results have been some amazing animated series on the platform.

With all that in mind, we’ve got a LOT of content to choose from: but here are the 15 best Netflix original animated series from this year.

5. Voltron: Legendary Defender
Another Dreamworks reboot of an 80s classic, Voltron is a love letter to anime, fandom culture and cartoons.

After fleeing their space cadet base on Earth, five rebellious teens learn they have the power to use mechanic lion spaceships that combine into a humanoid warrior, and must use them to defend the universe from evil.

Made by Studio Mir the Seoul-based studio behind The Legend of Korra and Boondocks, Voltron has a similar tonal and artistic energy that fans will enjoy, and there’s still enough time to binge the first seven seasons, before the final is released on December 14.