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These Were the Best Animated TV Shows of the Decade





The Legend of Korra, 2012-14 (Nickelodeon)
Where to stream: Amazon (rent or buy)
Why it's great: Korra is a sequel to the acclaimed Avatar: The Last Airbender, but it stands on its own as a much darker and more adult story than its predecessor. The four-season drama is set in a steampunk world and centers on a brash and adventurous young woman who inherits incredible powers, but not necessarily the patience to hone and channel them responsibly. Luckily, she's surrounded by a cast of loyal friends who bolster, temper, and challenge her as she comes into her own as the hero she was born to be. That Korra also features one of TV's sweetest slow-burning romances is the icing on the cake. --Noelene Clark
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