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5 Korean Animation Companies Anime Fans Should Know



1. Studio Mir

Studio Mir is probably the most recognisable and beloved players in the Korean Animation industry. Founded by Avatar: The Last Airbender animation director Jae-Myung Yoo, the team was promptly assembled to create the bulk of The Legend of Korra episodes before moving on to the wildly popular Voltron: Legendary Defender series. Their work has been an inspiration to many American animation creators who want to continue to push this anime-like aesthetic and appeal towards US audiences. But it's not just the US. One of the most recognisable 2D animated Chinese films is Big Fish & Begonia, but in fact, a lot of the animation work was created by Studio Mir in Korea. The team are currently working on a Witcher animated film and trying to get their own original series Koji greenlit. They even posted a pilot for it, which looks absolutely delightful.