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Legend of Korra, Voltron Spread Christmas Cheer in Festive Message



Legend of Korra's titular character, Voltron's Shiro and Lookism's Park Hyeong-seok wish everyone a happy Christmas in a special video.




Characters from Studio Mir's The Legend of Korra and Voltron: Legendary Defender are wishing everyone a joyful holiday season.


Posted on Studio Mir's official Twitter account is a short video with the various characters from Studio Mir's works with select scenes that fit with the Christmas cheer. Opening the video is The Legend of Korra's Korra riding Naga, her polar bear dog, reins in hand. Meelo creates a small snowstorm with his airbending while his sister is building a snowman in the corner. The video a scene from Voltron: Legendary Defender to make it look as though they're having a snowball fight. Even Shiro wore a small Santa Claus hat with a fake Rudolph-mustache combination to get into the holiday spirit. Shiro isn't alone: Lookism's Park Hyeong-seok also donned his own Santa Claus hat. Studio Mir wrote, "Merry Christmas from Studio Mir~! Grateful for all the love and support this year, Can't wait to share what's in store for the New Year!"





Founded in 2010 by Jae-myung Yu, Kwang-il Han and Seung-wook Lee, the name "Studio Mir" comes from the Soviet space station Mir, the first space station launched with the intention of having humans live in space for a long period of time before the International Space Station came into being. The project proved that collaboration can result in significant scientific breakthroughs and Yu wanted the animation studio to reflect that sentiment. Ultimately, he wanted Studio Mir to be a place where the best and most passionate animation artists could work together to produce greatness.



Due to Yu's work as the animation director for Avatar: The Last Airbender and his relationship with the creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, Studio Mir's first animation project was an enormous one: The Legend of Korra, the sequel series to Avatar. In an interview with Polygon, the directors cited their work on Avatar, which made it possible for the creators to place their trust in Studio Mir to work on The Legend of Korra. Aside from their animation, Studio Mir also worked on the pre-production and storyboarding stage with Han using real-life martial arts choreography to animate the fight scenes in The Legend of Korra and the combat scenes in Voltron. Although Avatar Studios has announced more animated series will emerge from the Avatar universe, including a new earth Avatar television series, they have not confirmed whether Studio Mir will participate in the production.