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  • MIR

    MIR was the first space station ever launched in human history in 1986.
    Russian meaning for ‘Peace,’ it was originally built out of competition over advanced space programs between the United States and Soviet Union during the Cold War era.
    Up until its splashdown in the South Pacific on March 23, 2001,
    Mir proved its value as “the World’s best Space Station”
    by circling the Earth’s orbit 88,000 times, traveling a distance of 3,600,000,000 km, and conducting about 16,000 science experiments by 104 astronauts from 12 different countries.
    Its existence has showed that collaboration can result in bigger scientific breakthroughs.
    Based on the Mir project, the United States, Russia, and several other countries have launched
    the International Space Station project(ISS) and it is currently progressing beyond country borders.

  • Beginnings

    Studio Mir was founded based on the lesson of the space station ‘Mir,’
    which is ‘advance through collaboration.’
    A place that houses best artists in the animation field and passionate young artists together to achieve oneness through collaboration - is what Studio Mir stands for.
    Today, the contents industry is evolving rapidly with signs of new paradigms being created in this
    new media environment. To be leading new paradigms, which is yet to be known in the world today,
    every talented and passionate artist with a shared vision must come together
    like the scientists at the space station ‘Mir.’

  • Transcending

    Now, Studio Mir is venturing out a brand new challenge of creating new paradigms in time for this new environment.
    The journey may be a difficult one but as long as we are one, we can move forward without fear
    just as the scientists from around the world gathered at the space station ‘Mir’ to explore the unknown together.


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