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Director Chung Il Han at Studio Mir 
The Studio more renowned in the US than its own country for its work 
Currently pitching for its original contents to level up from an out-sourcing production 

"We will offer great joy to worldwide animation fans with our original content."

Studio Mir, well-known for its animation works for the Legend of Korra and Voltron: Voltron-Legendary Defender started pitching the original content animation targeting fans in North America. The title is Koji, an adventure story of a young boy named Koji, meeting Tako the cat (who can bend ice and water at his will) and defeating the evil forces. Studio Mir appointed Director Chung Il Han as the executive producer for this project because of "his long experiences on the wide fields of animation production processes such as storyboards, key animation, etc." and for "his ability as a great communicator and mediator in running the production with dozens of staff,, not to mention his creative gifts." Currently, Koji is still in negotiation with several global content distributing companies for the launch.  

Dir Chung Il Han quotes “I think the reason I was promoted as an executive producer, even we have a number of more talented and experienced senior directors is to produce the best project by negotiating within the teams for less conflict as much,” and “honestly, it’s quite a pressure to see my name inserted in the very first panel of the animation.” Yet, he is confident. Again his quote, “I don’t know how this Koji will grow up, but I’ll found out when Koji speaks to me as the production progresses.”

We also asked Dir Han what the most important thing in animation; is it the drawing or the story? However, his answer was quite unexpected. Han: “The most important thing is collaboration. Animation is not a one-man job. One good animation is made by a group of artists and staff. It is my goal is to collaborate with our great teams and make a great animation.”