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Ryu Ki-hyun "We will continue to communicate with our fans and make our characters popular."




Ryu Ki-hyun becomes the first Korean executive director of Netflix animation
Goal to make a competent 

Director Ki-hyun Ryu of Studio Mir
It is a big step in terms of production range, managing all of the production except for writing 
A big step in handling the entire production process (except the script) … developing competent contents with a Korean touch 

Ryu’s dream is to produce an animation 100% domestically in Korea, from story making to production that is globally showcased and loved. 
“I want to make unique contents that garner attention in the US by blending Korea’s delicate sensibility with the American culture. I think it’s worth a shot as the next generation producers are growing.”

With Netflix as a starting point, there is more room for Korean contents to advance into foreign markets due to the big bang of streaming services including Apple and Disney. Ryu emphasized that resilience is essential to make the dream come true.