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DOTA is the latest video game to get a Netflix anime adaptation




A new animated series set in the DOTA universe is on the way from Netflix and Valve. On Tuesday night, the streaming service announced DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and gave fans of the MOBA their first look at the series with a short teaser trailer.

The teaser introduces us to Davion, the Dragon Knight, a skilled dragon hunter and a hero that players will recognize from DOTA 2. After his introduction, Davion races forward into battle with a large dragon, and the trailer cuts to black.
The show is being produced by both Netflix and Valve, the developers of DOTA 2. The series’ showrunner will be Ashley Edward Miller (X-Men: First Class, Thor). Dragon’s Blood will be animated by Studio MIR, the studio behind Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defenders and The Legend of Korra.