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Watch: Batman & Superman’s Kids Team Up In New Trailer for DC's Battle of the Super Sons



DC's animated movie universe featured a solid approach to world-building, starting out with the game-changing events of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox to an eventful ending in Justice League: Dark Apokalips War. After the shared universe ended, DC is now focused on creating standalone animated films that expand its storytelling capabilities.





During DC FanDome 2021, the studio announced that a new animated project focused on Jon Kent and Damian Wayne, the sons of Superman and Batman respectively. While the pair have been prominent figures in the pages of DC Comics, Jon and Damian have transitioned into other forms of media.



The CW showcased the live-action debut of Jon Kent in Superman & Lois, who is played by Jordan Elsass, while Damian Wayne has been featured in several animated projects, such as Son of Batman and Justice League vs. Teen Titans.



As of this time, the film's release date is still unknown. The full trailer can be seen below: