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Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons Stands Among DC's Animated Best





The latest DC Original Animated Movie, Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons, is one of the line's best in years. Here's CBR's review.

A new generation of superheroes rises in the DC Universe with the latest DC Original Animated Movie Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons. Directed by Matt Peters (Injustice) from a screenplay written by Jeremy Adams (Batman: Soul of the Dragon), the movie introduces Jon Kent (Jack Dylan Grazer) and Damian Wayne (Jack Griffo), with both boys following in their fathers’ respective footsteps. Backed by a stellar voice cast and featuring a fresh, engaging new animation style, Battle of the Super Sons is among Warner Bros. Animation’s strongest projects of the year.


The most striking thing about Battle of the Super Sons right out of the gate is the CG animation style in contrast to the more traditional 2D animation that has defined the majority of Warner Bros. Animation’s feature film slate. Cleanly rendered and fluidly animated, this change provides a fresh take on the DCU, with light cel shading that captures the exuberance of its youthful leads. Taking advantage of this new animation technique is plenty of kinetic action set pieces throughout the film, whether it’s Jon and Damian verbally sparring with one another or confronting an enemy so devious that even their famous fathers find themselves outmaneuvered.