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All The Marvel Comic Easter Eggs In The X-Men '97 Trailer, Ranked By Nerdiness



"X-Men '97" is bringing the marvelous mutant heroes back to the small screen like they never left it, picking up right after the original series finale, "Graduation Day." Since that aired, the show's '90s setting has gone from contemporary to period piece.






The long-awaited trailer for "X-Men '97" debuted on February 15, 2024, and there's plenty to discuss even with less than 2 minutes of footage. For one, we've now finally seen the series' animation style, which brings modern shading and three-dimensionality to the original's classic cartoon look. ("X-Men '97" was animated by South Korea's Studio Mir, famous for "The Legend of Korra" and "My Adventures with Superman," whereas the original was animated by a different Korean studio: AKOM, famous for their shoddy work on "The Transformers" and early "Simpsons" episodes.)



Much of the original voice cast is back (even if they only get a line each to show it), while Ray Chase and Matthew Waterson sound uncanny as Cyclops and Magneto (stepping in for the late Norm Spencer and David Hemblen, respectively). I'll admit I've been skeptical of "X-Men '97" before now — I've never been a huge fan of the original (the production values were quite low and often off-putting). Plus, the X-Men's world is so vast, why revive an old show when they could easily sustain a new one? However, I won't deny this trailer piqued my excitement. By now, I've watched it several times and spotted many comic nods that should have all of you fans excited too.







Cyclops saying it in this trailer shows how he's stepped up as team leader in Xavier's absence. A similar moment occurs in Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's "Astonishing "X-Men" #23." All seems lost; the X-Men are missing while Scott has seemingly lost his powers and is being tortured by an alien villain. Then, he reveals it was all part of the plan and blasts his torturer with his eye beam, now completely under his control. The issue ends with a single panel page of Scott standing triumphant, bathed in the red glow of his power, and declaring, "To me, my X-Men."



It's my wish that "X-Men '97" gives Cyclops his due as well as this comic did.



"X-Men '97" premieres March 20, 2024, on Disney+.



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