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2022 Studio Mir Fall Event - 'Flea Market'!



 Studio Mir held a Flea Market for all crew members! The market had some priceless handmade items and even very rare items. With VERY reasonable prices, our wallets were open and happiness was shared. Check out the Flea Market moments~!



















Congratulations to all who have snatched at some RARE items at our 2nd Flea Market! You know what they say, always go straight to the junk jewelry table first! Studio Mir's 2nd Flea Market had some RARE, priceless items such as the original charcoal sketch of Terrorblade from DOTA: Dragon's Blood opening scenes from S1 Ep1, as well as some original In-between artworks from The Legend of Korra! All revenues of the studio's assets from the auction will be donated to charity organizations. Thanks to all our crew for another successful flea market! 







video :