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Lookism Announces Anime Adaptation With Action-Packed Trailer






Lookism Announces Anime Adaptation With Action-Packed Trailer




Popular Korean webtoon Lookism receives an anime adaptation by Studio Mir, with the series premiering and streaming on Netflix this November.



The popular Korean webtoon Lookism will be getting an anime adaptation.


Announced during Netflix's Tudum event, Lookism will make its anime debut on the streaming platform on Nov. 4. Studio Mir will produce the anime, the South Korean animation studio known for animating Legend of Korra, Voltron: Legendary Defender and Dota: Dragon's Blood. Fans can watch the trailer on Netflix's official YouTube channel and hear a snippet of the opening song, sung by 8-member South Korean boy group ATEEZ.



Lookism Is Studio Mir’s First Venture Into Adapting a Korean Webtoon


In 2010, Yu Jae-Myung, who previously worked as the animation director for Avatar: The Last Airbender's second and third seasons, founded Studio Mir. According to the website, the studio focuses on advancement through collaboration, inspired by the Russian space station Mir launch in 1986 when it made headlines as the first space station ever launched. As a result, the studio has mainly focused its efforts on international collaborations. In 2018, Studio Mir announced that it would produce its first original, Koji, which they describe as a fantasy/adventure series. This will be Studio Mir's first anime adaptation of a Korean webcomic.





The anime will premiere on Nov. 4, exclusively on Netflix.